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  • Clan wars

    Don't know if an idea like this has already been posted, but it would be great if there is something like a clan wars once a week...
    From saturday morning till sunday evening so everyone has a change to play.

    Then you can go into duel (2 vs 2) with one of your clan mates in a team and then fight for points.
    Maybe an idea to do something in leagues, so all clans can reach a higher league when they win a fight.
    The clan with the most points wins the clanwars, ofcourse there should be something like leagues for clans with high valor...

    Price: Skyshards for the numbers 1, 2 and 3

    I think that would be a great add-on for clans though..

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    Clam wars are fun. Besides that they bring a huge benefit for the owner of the game that players are kind of "forced" to play and more likely to spend money on the game out of comittment to the clan.
    but in case of.Survival arena... Even if game insight would realize how much they could increase their income with that... Considering how long it takes them to do even the most simple fixes and ajustments, it would take ages until they would be able to come up with clan wars.. Followed by an eternety to fix the bugs that come with it. And as long as they are not able to make a 2PvP mode that doesnt 99% of the time result in a draw it would make little sense to use it for anything.
    if you dont want to wait that long (...eternety) just to get hit in your face with a unstable bluetooth clanwars, [edited]. they got clanwars on a level that survival arena (sadly) never might reach.
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      Yeah clan wars / some-kind-of-wars-between-clans is a good idea, and i'd be lying if i said that we haven't thought about it. If you have any ideas of how it'd work, i'd be happy to hear them out.