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Mega Weekend #227 Is Here!

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  • Mega Weekend #227 Is Here!

    Exclusive Pirate Tales Tournament - defend your extractor against endless waves of enemies at all costs! Check out the Shop - it has Cards for sale! They will definitely help you out in battle!

    For a limited time, play weekend-exclusive Pirate Tales tournament, and get the most kills to win! Your Extractor clipped a pirate ship while landing on this tropical island, causing it to crash - and the pirates aren’t happy! Defend your Extractor at all costs!

    Get cards right from the shop and dominate the tournament:
    • League 1: Cannon Fire / Pirate Lass;
    • League 2: Air Harpoon / Heavy Pirate
    • League 3: Sheepify

    Discuss your best strategy over on our Discord server:
    Play Now